Generic Girl (genericgirl) wrote in drivewithphone,
Generic Girl

Almost killed.

I was driving to pick up Josh and I almost got killed by not one but two fuckers on their cell phones.

I was driving towards Providence from Cranston and the street is a little bigger than a one lane street but too small for 2 lanes of traffic. The speed limit through there is 25. Well I'm driving along and I see flashing lights off in the distance behind me. I do what I was taught to do in driving school. Slow down and pull over to let the ambulance though. Welp, a mutha fucker in a Red SUV yapping away on his cellphone gets pissed because he doesn't know what I'm slowing to a stop and pulling slightly off to the side of the road.

As I am doing this ANOTHER SUV with a guy yammering away on the phone is on the right side of me and thinks he is going to speed up and fly around me that way. So The guy to the left not only almost hits my car but forces the ambulance which is already trying to pass up into oncoming traffic. The guy to the left of me is looking at me and STILL can't hear the ambulance. He looks over after he passes me and the ambulance passes him and gives me a dirty look only to see that ambulance afterwards.

The guy who tried to pass me on the right slammed on his breaks and almost hit another car.


Where are cops when you need them?

Just another 2 assholes talking on phones when they should be paying attention to the fucking road.
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