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People Against Driving with Cell Phones' Journal
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Saturday, August 18th, 2001
9:38 am
Thursday, August 9th, 2001
2:36 pm
Wish I had a better entry to revitalize this community...but...
Boy Run Down; '90210' Actor Eyed
Rebecca Gayheart Allegedly Ran Over 9-Year-Old

LOS ANGELES, 12:36 p.m. EDT August 9, 2001 -- Los Angeles police are saying that actress Rebecca Gayheart could face vehicular manslaughter charges for allegedly running over a 9-year-old boy with her Jeep while talking on a cell phone.

The collision happened on June 13. A police spokeswoman says other cars had stopped to let the boy, Jorge Cruz Jr., cross a street in Hollywood.

She says Gayheart's Jeep was going at least 40 miles an hour when the boy was hit near the center of the street. Cruz was taken to L.A. Children's hospital where he died the next morning.

Detectives are still doing their investigation. They'll hand it off to the district attorney's office who will decide if Gayheart will face criminal charges.

The actress is already being sued by the parents of the boy, Jorge Cruz and Silvia Martinez, alleging wrongful death.

Gayheart's film credits include the "Urban Legends" horror films and "Scream 2," as well as television's "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Earth 2."
Friday, July 20th, 2001
10:28 am
Thursday, July 12th, 2001
10:06 am
Cell Phone Law in RI NOT passed...
Govenor Lincoln Almond vetoed the law that would have made it illegal to drive and talk on the cell phone.

This guy is a jackass and I never wanted him in office anyway.

I wrote him a nice letter telling him I will do everything in my power to keep him out of office next term.

He claims that there is no evidence of it being dangerous.

Asshole, I guess he's too busy talking on his cell phone then to notice all the near misses that happen.
Monday, July 2nd, 2001
12:55 pm
Thursday, June 28th, 2001
12:29 pm
Editorial from the Clarion Ledger (Jackson, Miss)...
New York law a possibility here?

Judging by recent letters to the editor, a lot of motorists don't like the recent enforcement effort aimed at ticketing those ignoring Mississippi's mandatory seat-belt law.

What if the Mississippi Legislature banned motorists from using cell phones while driving?

In New York, lawmakers have approved a bill with up to $500 in fines for cell phone use while driving.

They cited a 1997 New England Journal of Medicine study saying accidents occurred about four times greater with cell phone use, about the same as drunken driving.

Bans have been proposed in 40 states, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

The Mississippi Legislature should begin examining the obvious problem. It will probably take a law to force users to upgrade to hands-fee models for auto use.

It is not a personal freedom issue, but a public safety issue.
Monday, June 25th, 2001
10:38 pm
NY has become the first state to ban drivers from using hand-held cell phones

"The ban would begin Nov. 1, but drivers caught using hand-held cell phones would only be issued warnings during the first month. Until the end of February, violators can have their tickets dismissed if they present the judge with a receipt showing they bought a hands-free cell phone system.

The legislation does not address the issue of dialing while driving."

well, at least it is a start!

Current Mood: amused
9:46 am
New York soon to be first state to ban driving while using handheld cell phones...
From USA Today...

New York is expected Monday to become the first state to ban the use of handheld cell phones while driving.

The state Assembly is scheduled to pass legislation hammered out last week with Gov. George Pataki and approved Thursday night by the state Senate.

"The bill will pass, we have the numbers," predicts Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, who drew laughs when he first sponsored legislation to ban talking on cellphones while driving in 1996.

"We're going to make history."

Under the bill, drivers in New York could be fined up to $100 after Dec. 1 if they are caught holding phones. For 30 days before that, police will issue warnings.

The law's only loopholes: Handheld cell phones could be used in an emergency. And fines for first-time offenders could be waived until March 1 if drivers proved they bought a device that allows them to talk without holding the phone in their hands.

To talk and drive legally, an estimated 6 million New Yorkers will have to buy hand-freeing equipment, which can cost from $15 for plug-in headsets to more than $200 for kits that allow phones to be cradled on the dashboard or console.

A handful of states, including California, Arizona and Massachusetts, have adopted minor restrictions on cell phones and driving. Eleven local jurisdictions around the country have passed laws restricting the use of cell phones.

In Brooklyn, Ohio, the first city to ban using handheld cell phones while driving, police have issued roughly 500 citations since September 1999. There have been no repeat offenders so far, Patrolman Rich Hovan says.

It's too early to tell whether other states will follow New York's lead, says Matt Sundeen, a senior policy specialist with the National Conference of State Legislatures.

This year, 41 states have had bills proposed to regulate yakking while driving, but most of the measures have died. Most states decided more research was needed on how much of a distraction cell phones cause before they are singled out for legislation.

"We have come out and said in general we think this type of legislation is premature," says Jonathan Adkins, spokesman for the National Association of Governors' Highway Safety Representatives, which represents the highway safety offices of states.

"There are other distractions in the automobile that pose a greater danger to the driver eating, changing the CD, changing the radio," Adkins said.

"It's just too soon."

New York lawmakers moved ahead with the ban after three of the state's largest counties passed restrictions on using cell phones while driving and after a poll in March showed that 87% of New York voters said they favored a ban.
Monday, June 18th, 2001
12:47 pm
No car or cell involved...but it was a phone call..
Caller: "Hello Mr. AS...I'm calling on behalf of the Georgia State Republican Party..I hope you're having a nice day..."

Me: "Yes...Yes I was having a nice day...until you called and interrupted my day and ruined it for me..Good Bye.."
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Caller: "Hello Mr. AS...I'm <caller> calling on behalf of the Georgia State Republican Party..I hope you're having a nice day..."

Me: "Yes...Yes I was having a nice day...until you called and interrupted my day and ruined it for me..Good Bye.."<CLICK!>

Note: Dont take this as a partisan leaning..a caller from the Democratic Party would have gotten the same response..
Friday, June 8th, 2001
10:26 pm
Almost killed.
I was driving to pick up Josh and I almost got killed by not one but two fuckers on their cell phones.

I was driving towards Providence from Cranston and the street is a little bigger than a one lane street but too small for 2 lanes of traffic. The speed limit through there is 25. Well I'm driving along and I see flashing lights off in the distance behind me. I do what I was taught to do in driving school. Slow down and pull over to let the ambulance though. Welp, a mutha fucker in a Red SUV yapping away on his cellphone gets pissed because he doesn't know what I'm slowing to a stop and pulling slightly off to the side of the road.

As I am doing this ANOTHER SUV with a guy yammering away on the phone is on the right side of me and thinks he is going to speed up and fly around me that way. So The guy to the left not only almost hits my car but forces the ambulance which is already trying to pass up into oncoming traffic. The guy to the left of me is looking at me and STILL can't hear the ambulance. He looks over after he passes me and the ambulance passes him and gives me a dirty look only to see that ambulance afterwards.

The guy who tried to pass me on the right slammed on his breaks and almost hit another car.


Where are cops when you need them?

Just another 2 assholes talking on phones when they should be paying attention to the fucking road.
Saturday, June 7th, 2003
1:31 am
Had a nice near fatal encounter today...
...was at an intersection waiting to turn left...when oncoming in the left turn lane on the opposite site of the intersection from me...was a nice big SUV....COMING HEAD FUCKING STRAIGHT ON AT ME IN HIS LEFT TURN LANE!!..

At the last second, he suddenly swerved to his right and avoided a head on collision...

During this entire time, I was sitting still waiting to turn left...

And yes...he was chatting away on his cell phone...

Current Mood: pissed off
Sunday, June 3rd, 2001
9:38 am
Things to do to fuck with cellphone drivers
When you are in the car at a stop light or heavy traffic roll down your windows as you are right next to them and blast your radio as loud as you can. Play where ever you want, I choose very vulgar music and see how fast they roll up their window and bitch about you as they speed away.
7:00 am
This hits such a freaking nerve with me. I can watch drivers pick their noses, and still not be as disgusted as I am if I see them driving with that stupid phone.

I've heard a lot of arguments about how unfair it would be, but I'm sorry... YES, there should be a law against this! If you have to talk on the stupid thing, I'm all for you being able to pull to the side of the road, and park your car to do so. But while that car is in motion, and your crappy driving could destroy the lives of complete strangers, that accessory to self-importance should be set aside or crammed somewhere.

I am an actual witness to the stupidity of this in motion. I am not exaggerating when I say that as a person who does a lot of driving, over half of the time that I'm in a very close call with someone, I look up... and they're talking on the f#cking phone! I have a problem with people yammering away on the ringing bastards in quiet, public places anyway... but it's unforgivable, behind the wheel of a car. I usually don't like to judge people, but whenever I see someone doing this, I can't help but glare, and think: "Wow, look, that's Grade-A, 100% dumbass!"

I can't count how many times I've almost been in an accident with someone on the phone. I'd say I almost get plowed into/cut off by one of these jerks at least once a week. Thank you for enduring my rant! Hail the community!

Current Mood: angry
Thursday, May 31st, 2001
5:13 pm
..my being enraged in the prev post is being enraged at the nimrods driving with a cellphone, NOT the community or the enlightened members therein..
4:42 pm

Current Mood: enraged
Wednesday, May 30th, 2001
10:55 pm
moose loose...
Once seen on a bumper sticker...we've ll seen it but I'll reiterate:

"You'd dive much better with that cell phone shoved up our ass!"

Current Mood: drunk
7:38 pm
this is definitely the place for me!!! talk about one of my biggest pet peeves!!!! i want to start ranting right now soo bad but i really need to get to work. i will definitely be back!!!

Current Mood: giddy
11:06 pm
Please share stories and rants about people who you see using cell phones while driving.
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